YYF frantic.


yoyofactory Frantic half aqua, half dark blue. near mint. Mitch Ginder will post pics of it. fresh clear silicone response.

offer please
[NO yoyojams
NO yomegas…]

(Mitch Ginder) #2

I can vouch for Dan.

Ill get pics later


I want your frantic aaaaaaah! hahaha


hey guys, sorry for the delay on the pic. this is the only one i have for now.


Pay= How low will you go? :stuck_out_tongue:

Trade= What are you looking for?


i am trying to get another yoyo for it, and like i said in the original post, please make an offer. feel free to pm me.


specifics? what is that you are looking for? Are you just trying to empty out a collection? Are you hoping to upgrade?

Also, how does it play? Wobble? Vibe?

(system) #9