Francis julien comedy yoyo video

Hello yoyoers, my name is Francis and I’m addicted to yoyo. 8)

This is kind of my ‘‘comming out’’ since I have never wrote on a yoyo forum before… First, I am a juggler and a circus performer. Yoyoing has always been in and out of my life since 1998. I followed (like many others here I’m sure) the great evolution of the yoyo within the last 10 years or so… The tigershark, the renegade, the freakin’ OMG SuperYo video from back in the day, the Spinfaktor arrival, then the Freehand1… Know what I mean? I love to yo man… I swear. I’m not the best in the west though! (I live in the north-east…)

This is a video I made from a couple of shows we did back here for a cabaret. I was the Emcee (doing a bunch of little acts) and I brought my yoyo on stage at some point and this is what came out. It was mostly improvised but we had fun. A better version, with harder tricks will come eventually but for nights like this, technique is not that important… it’s the energy that should always be presented first. IMHO

If I had only one thing to say it would be: YES Yoyo can be performed in front of a general public. It is NOT too small and YES, it is a ‘‘micro-manipulation’’ but people dig it! Concept and Lightings- thats all you need man.

Soon, I’ll make a video on The Great Evolution Of Yoyos with a timeline and schnitz- where I’ll go thrue some of the main technical changes and transformations of the ‘‘mechanics’’ of these little machines and stuff. If you want to be informed, just suscribe! :wink:

See you guys!