Four Corners July 5th 2014 Contest/Meet


Make a stand with a Yo-Yo in your hand - New Mexico July 5th 2014.
Help promote by posting/linking/sharing this flyer online.
Location E3 Children’s Museum - Farmington, New Mexico


Sneak Peek of a few prizes courtesy of Yomega. Promote the "Art of Yo! in New Mexico.

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Could you add slack tricks to the advanced division. (Suicide, laceration, Brent stole, wrist whip)


Slack tricks would be a great addition to the contest next year. I think I’ll stay with the current trick list for this year. There are some players who have been working off the rules/trick list since last December.

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So there aren’t separate divisions this year? If there were you could simply filter beginners from intermediates/advanced players, the slack problem is alleviated.


The rules and divisions are in place for this year. I wouldn’t want to switch anything out for throwers who have been going off the existing rules a month and a half before the contest. I would like to see slack tricks in the future. It would be great to have a pre-contest slack trick showcase this year. I have been experimenting with Cold Fusion Slack.

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^ sounds like a plan!


I’ve attached a press release for the 10th yo-yo contest on July 5th.

City of Farmington
Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs
901 Fairgrounds Rd, Farmington, NM

String Slingers and much more

The E³ Children’s Museum & Science Center will host a Yo-Yo Workshop on Friday, June 27th from 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. This workshop is in preparation for the 10th Annual Yo Down Show Down at the Children’s Museum on Saturday, July 5 at 1:30 p.m., registration at 1:00 p.m., during Downtown Freedom Days.

Luke Renner, will conduct a yo-yo workshop at the Children’s Museum where yo-yo fans can learn the tricks they will need for the Annual Yo Down Show Down. Participants should bring their own yo-yo to the workshop.

The Annual Yo Down Show Down is open to all ages and skill-levels for everybody and will showcase the abilities of some of our youngest museum patrons. The contest will take place during the Annual Ice Cream Social at the Children’s Museum during Downtown Freedom Days. Visitors will be treated to an eye-dazzling display – this is a chance to show off your skills and learn new tricks.

The Annual Yo Down Show Down is sponsored by Duncan Toys, YoYoFactory, Yomega, and MagicYoYo.

The E³ Children’s Museum & Science Center is located at 302 N. Orchard Ave. in Farmington, NM.
Contest rules for Yo Down Show Down are online at For additional information on events that weekend, call (505) 599-1425. For information about the Ice Cream Social call (505) 486-9043.

ABOUT THE E³ CHILDREN’S MUSEUM & SCIENCE CENTER – The E³ Children’s Museum & Science Center is a part of the City of Farmington Museum System. The Museum System is a division of the City of Farmington department of Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Affairs.


The MagicYoYo Booth at The 26th Guangzhou (China) Int’l Toy & Hobby Fair, in Guangzhou China.

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How do you feel about their yoyos? (MagicYoyo)


On Wednesday I worked an event and in my case were yo-yos from the following sponsoring companies: Duncan (Dragonfly/ProFly/ProYo Superman/ProYo Standard/Wheel/Echo original), Yomega (Glide pair), MagicYoYo (N8/N12/D5/N5 Desperado/N6/T5), and the YoYoFactory (Ricochet/Speed Dial/North Star).

If I’m packing… I’m always packing one of these yo-yos. I enjoy using the yo-yos from all the sponsoring companies.

The other yo-yos that I enjoy throwing and also had with me during the event: Spintastics (Firefly/Tiger Shark), Tom Kuhn (Flying Camel/No Jive 3-in-1/Silver Bullet 2 #753 of the original 1990 batch), YoYoJam (Hitman original/Dark Magic II/Joseph Harris Unleashed), PlayMaxx (ProYo Original Bumblebee Team ProYo Arizona), Monarch (bearing metal butterfly from the Monarch company), Jack Russell (Fast Eddy Shooters), Generic Yo-Yos (4 of the best yo-yos I’ve found for two handed shoot the moon and bought years ago for only 75 cents a piece).


I just finished talking with the Courtyard Marriott in Farmington about the Yo Down Show Down. They a little lower room rate set for a very limited number of rooms. If anyone is from out of town and interested in staying at the hotel contact Keith (505) 325-5111 at the Marriott directly the room rate is $94 and includes breakfast


Is there a freestyle division or just the tricks?

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Advanced division includes a 1 min freestyle portion. This comes after the trick ladder. You must be in the top 3 from the trick ladder to be a part of the freestyle portion.

(That’s how it went last year.)

Are you planning on coming?


It is the same breakdown of having the top three players in the final. The final comes down to your best one minute freestyle and audience response factors into the overall winner.

The television spot (PSA) was dropped off at a local NBC affiliate and will start airing in the next few days. I’m trying to get the word out to as many throwers as possible so feel free to share the link PSA

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^I’ll share on google plus!



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Can we have music with our freestyles this time?



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