9th Yo Down Show Down / Farmington, New Mexico / Four Corners NM, AZ, CO, UT


Hello Everyone,

The 9th Yo Down Show Down coming up in Farmington, New Mexico on Saturday, July 6th. The contest is a pretty relaxed event to promote the “Art of Yo!” in the area and encourage more people to start string slinging. If anyone is interested in performing a few short demos before the contest around 11 - 11:30, please contact me at lukerennerstringslinger@live.com.

I’ll be performing a few tricks around 11:45 and I show up for the event before 10 a.m. This event is geared for meeting other players in the area and having fun! I’m trying to get the word out about the contest to area players so feel free to forward this information/post on other boards. I’ll also be teaching contest tricks at the E3 Children’s Museum on Friday, July 5th at 1:30 which is open to anyone.


  • Luke Renner

Press Release: Promote the “Art of Yo!” in the Four Corners

On Saturday, July 6th, 2013. 9th Annual Yo Down Show Down Yo-Yo Contest at the E3 Children’s Museum & Science Center, 302 N. Orchard Ave., Farmington, New Mexico. Registration will be at 1:00 p.m. with the contest beginning at 1:30 p.m. inside the Children’s Museum during Freedom Days! See String Theory in Action! While enjoying all the Farmington Museum Foundation Ice Cream Social activities, take a moment to cheer on the string slingers inside at the E3 Children’s Museum. The Yo Down Show Down is a great way to showcase your skills, learn new tricks and meet other players. This event is open to all ages and skill levels. The contest is free to enter and is a bring your own yo-yo event. This event is sponsored by Duncan Toys, YoYoFactory, Vulto Yo-Yos, MagicYoYo and Yomega. Info: (505) 599-1425. (trick list http://www.lukerenneryoyomagic.com/yodownshowdownyoyocontest.html)


Sounds cool. How is the contest setup?


Trick ladder / The advanced div. is a modified trick ladder followed by a 1 minute routine of your best (final three players only).


These came in this afternoon for the contest. Here’s a link to Google maps to help with locating the E3 Children’s Museum http://goo.gl/maps/DxAm9 .


What part of NM is Farmington in?


Farmington is in the Northwest corner of the state. If you haven’t been to this area here are a few things nearby. It’s about an hour to the Four Corners Monument where Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah states meet. We’re also an hour from Durango, Colorado which is a tourist area with rafting, biking, rock climbing and skiing. The area is near filming locations for the Lone Ranger, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, The Host, an episode of Stargate Universe and John Carter.


Here’s a MapQuest link to the area http://mapq.st/14Glc0v .


Cool. How do I know if I’m in advanced div. or not?


In the trick ladder are variations allowed? I know two different skin the gerbils.


The trick ladder is handled the same as it is at the National Contest. If there are questions regarding a trick you can ask to see a demonstration of the trick. This way you can see the exact trick that is part of the ladder.

Here is the standard contest trick description from the National website:

Full momentum trapeze mount into an inside somersault continuing into a Lindy loop, and then unwind the Lindy loop with an outside reverse somersault into a reverse Lindy loop. Unwind the reverse Lindy loop and intentionally miss landing a Lindy loop and land it on the flip over. Perform any dismount and return the yo-yo to your hand by the method of your choice.[/i]


Thank you.


There’s a workshop for the yo-yo contest on Friday, June 5th at the E3 Children’s Museum.  I’ve attached a link to a newspaper article on the workshop http://goo.gl/qXcsE http://goo.gl/qXcsE.


Final Prizes for the contest came in from Duncan Toys. The contest is next Saturday with a workshop on Friday.


How long does the contest last?


It depends on the number of contestants. There will be people at the E3 Children’s Museum from 11- 3pm for the Museum Foundation Ice Cream Social that is happening outside. I’ll be performing a quick demo around 11:45 which is also open to other throwers. The new Duncan Strix that was just released is also one of the prizes. The contest is a relaxed event to promote the “Art of Yo!” in the Four Corners: New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona. This is a chance to meet other throwers, trade tricks and have fun.


That strix looks awesome!


The Strix looks awesome and I having a feeling it plays great. There’s also a Duncan Echo in the gift bag for the 2nd place advanced winner along with amazing products from Yomega, Vulto, MagicYoYo and YoYoFactory. The sponsors have been great! I’m looking forward to the workshop this afternoon and the contest tomorrow.


Can we have music during our freestyle?


The 1 minute freestyle is without music this year. If you are performing a demo before the contest or after I might run music through the PA system. The music needs to be radio safe (no profanity). Last year guest judge Shannon Jackson (Allyoyo) gave a demo after the contest with music.