Team KOREKARAMO GANBATTE KUDUSAI has decided to put you guys to a new challenge. All you forum teams has to make a collab video and post it on here. Send all entrys to me via youtube vid and I will make poll when deadline is up. Rules:

  1. Maximum number of members in the vid is 5.
  2. Each member can have 1-2 tricks, no more, no less.
  3. No regens.
  4. Video must have the team name in the beggining of the vid.
  5. Editing and music is allowed.

Deadline is May 14th. Good luck.

Thats a shame… I’ve been working on a sweet regen combo…

umm okay but this is gonna be tough

I can’t upload videos,but I am still a member of Kusagari. :-\

Crew 24/7 might be in. I have to talk to my peeps.
I may not be able to do it though I have a video battle with Manny.

just wondering if there are any available teams?

I was made an offer by Team Amai Deyou, don’t know ifthat is right, andI was wondering if that space was still open?

just a suggestion but sent it to a team mate that can, like make 1 person in charge of everyones videos and they can do the editing from there, and then upload ittoyoutube, and each week take it in turn to do the editing

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Our team is open, pm Josh, he’ll make you a asian name. BTW, once you guys get everything sorted out then email me to say your in.

I got the offer form Amai Deyou so I have taken that one, when will like the first video battle be?

with tricks not like color combinations?

Color combinations? The first battle will be a day after deadline

Any room for a new member on one of the teams?