forum check

what if they had a spin top forum and nobody posted??
what the hey people, aren’t any of you stuck on a trick or mad about the string you got or the furniture you broke or something?
let’s hear some chatter out there!

nope nothing to talk about

I think you’re addicted. :wink:

ha ha. I’m not quite addicted… i looked up yoyoexpert forum addict in my funk and wagnall and there was a picture of a monkey peeking out of a window.

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Maybe it needs a photo contest, like the other spintop board :wink:

But I guess with just kevinm’s spintop photos it would be enough to drive the traffic sky high :smiley:

Exhibit # 1 (look on her back for the top)



wait as sec, is that a goal or an imperative, cuz i got nothin’

Goal. You gotz quality written all over you, 2013 MOYO Spin Top Champion.