For Trade: Tons of Bi-Metals (TP, YYF, YYO, Axis, Yoyo Empire)


Not for sale. Looking to trade only. US and Canada only.

  1. TP Palpitation Mint
  2. Axis Pulsefirex2 Very Near mint, play smooth
  3. YYO Rave, 5A Damage, very smooth
  4. YYF 2016 Superstar mint
  5. YYE Rainfly, Vibey
  6. Axis Mixtape Near mint smooth (Deal sweetener)
    TP Anubis
    TP Pink Aurora Palpitation/Isotope 2
    TP Palpitations (Solids)
    TP Isotope 2
    CLYW Borealis
    YYR Draupnir
    I’ll entertain all offers, but unless it’s listed above I more than likely won’t budge.

(system) #3