(palpitation inside) lots of super sick amazing yoyos

left to right, top to bottom
acro(mint smooth), ilyy enigma(nonmint smooth), yyf shuta(mint smooth), CLYW new sasquatch(nonmint smooth)

Duncan strix (nonmint little vibe), b grade yyf czechpoint (bgrade for anno mint smooth), yyj diamondback 1 (nonmint smooth), Duncan triumph (unengraved mint smooth)

yyf horizon (nonmint smooth), SPYY Pro (nonmint smooth), YYF regen (mint smooth), Turning Point Palpitation (nonmint smooth with pouch)

most CLYW
start the riot
all recess
most turning point
most high end bi metals
most other titaniums
yyf dream*
offers that I like
no cash family I want yoyos. you cant yoyo with cash idiot

I have a Ti Dream, B grade weekend, Maxbet, Positron, Arctic Circle, BVM2, Summit, Galactic Goose, and I want your Palpitation.

i hav brand new sal ti