For Trade: T5 Overlord+ 360/DS/PSP games+stuff. LF Wet Whistle.

Have a Magic yoyo T5 with a concave bearing that was formerly used for 3A. Has its white lines but nothing too deep. Plays fine with little vibe and if you give it a strong throw after a clean bind it plays smooth. Doesn’t have the original bearing.

Also throwing in 10 Hand made Power Chords from Jake Elliot, a 5A die, a One Drop Ten Ball bearing.

Also offering either 2 DS games, one PSP game, or one 360 game.
I’ll also trade all the games by themselves for the throw.

Games are:
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon White
Battlefield 3 for 360
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
Phantasy Star Portable,HTugn8o,sGRkzQN,uLC7Q3R,t0CODbe