LF: Wet Whistle. Trading T5 Overlord+ more

Looking to trade my Magic Yoyo T5 Overlord with a concave bearing that was used for 3A, has its surface scuffs but nothing too deep, also throwing in the package; ten handmade Power Chords, extra OD ten ball bearing, a red 5A die, has the bearing replaced with a concave one, not sure which company but it holds up better than OD 10 ball IMO.

looking for a dinged up one because my offer is pretty bad (I’m broke), but I was just kinda seeing if anyone just disliked the Wet Whistle or had a second dinged one.

I’ll also throw in any other miscellaneous things, like some MTG cards or something. Have some DS and a few PSP games if you’re interested. Ask for anything.