For Trade: KonKave Size C Bearing

So, after playing with this for a little while, I’ve decided I like the stock Hitman bearing.
The Konkave gets me to little response. So, it’s up for grabs!

Don’t really want to sell it (it’s only $15 new), but would like to trade.



Cool Freehand Zeros
10 ball bearing size C (I’d like to try one of those)
A pair of loopers ( Raiders, NXG’s, ect.)
Other skill toys (juggling stuff, Diabolos, etc.)
Offer, please. For the most part, I like yoyo’s, Make an offer!

FHZ’s, and a pair of loopers are nowhere near the same value. Just saying…

yea you might get one looper or one of those 15 dolars yyj yos

At the minimum… but I am sure you will get something cool…

Well, I’ve allways found it best to say what you want, because someone may want to trade for that. If not, oh well, but at least you tried. And it’s only a $3 dollar difference between FHZ’s and a KonKave. Post edited.

Bumpity bump.