Looking for a size C Konkave bearing?

I would mail the person the money for the konkave, and then they would send me the bearing. I would like a reputable person to send me it, or at least an active member, to reduce scamming probability.

I will pay over retail by a small bit, but not by far.

Shipping, being through an envelope, will be easy and cheap, so no worries there.

Thanks, just PM me or post it on the board.

(I cannot buy from online because my parents do not want to give away credit card #'s and stuff, if you were wondering)

Will now offer $20.00 for 1 C size concave bearing.

PM Andre. He might (I could be wrong though) let you pay through the mail. If not, sorry, but it’s worth a try.

I got a couple guys offering, thanks for the notice though.