For Trade: Grail, Smashing, Unspoken, SPYY; Looking for: Anti-Yo YWET

Hey All,

I’m looking for an Anti-Yo YWET and/or OG YWET (also an orange Weekender).

I have a few trades:

  • A-Rt Grail (purple)
  • Smashing Float (purple)
  • Reticulated Return Tops Boa (pink)
  • Radical Seas Siren V2 (pink)
  • TMBR eH 2018 (ash)
  • Unspoken Murmur (galactic swamp)
  • SPYY Addiction 2 (alien Slime)
  • Thesis Serenade (white w/clear hub)
  • Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1



Well dam! I wish I had an Anti-yo YWET! bad!

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