FT: Anti-Yo BAC (Blasted) YWET for other rare Anti-Yo

UPDATE: Added a few throws to my wants list :slight_smile:

Alright … I’m offering this rare beauty up for trade. There were I believe 300 of the standard release Anti-Yo YWET, and from what I understand … for this blasted version it was 20-30 pieces total? Someone can correct me if I’m wrong. It’s very clean and comes with all the original extras (selvage denim pouch, mini-disc, response rings and string). Take a look!

What do I want for it?
Well, one of the following - Anti-Yo BSP, DRI-YWET or SLCK-YWET (pics below)

Also interested in:

  • Anti-Yo BPZL Bapezilla II Proto
  • Luftverk x CLYW Glass Dust Ti Peak
  • Luftverk x CLYW AMS2488 Ti Peak

If you have something else rare that you think I’d dig, message me.



Now thats serious business, nice and bold, hope your trade or purchase works out. Beautiful piece you are offering up.


Bump! Who’s got something to trade?

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