For those who have seen Save Deth vol 2....

What do you call that trick that Danny Severance does where he is holding his yo yo in his non-throw hand, then throws a loop/whip with his throw hand around it into a bind?
Are there any videos showing how to do this?

sounds like he is holding a palm grind and then just whipping some string into the gap and binding it from there.

He’s holding it with his thunb and ring finger. It’s definitely not spinning!

were there z-stacks on the yoyo?

I think it’s some kinda stall trick from your description but no clue on how to do it…

No, he was holding the rim on one side.

I have not seen Save deth 2, but I have seen Danny in the past do a restart where he is holding the yoyo and does sort of a whip bind into the gap of the yoyo while at the same time, doing a little snap start back to his hand.

Might this be what you are speaking of?
If so, I might be able to kind of show you how its done.

Yeah, that sounds right!!! I think it’s such a cool looking trick. I’d love to know how it’s done.
BTW, did you get my PM?