for those of you who want to help me design my yoyo....

hey i want to change the color and design of my xvict…and i dont have any ideas…
so i want you guys to give me ideas of any sort that would look cool(it can be any design like a fire words etc. or just colors).
also the metal part color of the xvict can be changed …


Depending on the color of your yo-yo you can dye it, the metal can be engraved with some kind of design I’m planing to engrave my X-con and do some thing different with it since it is not my main player any more. I cant dye it since it is black but I’ll think of some thing. For dying it there is a lot of helpfull videos on how to do it right.

no i mean there is this guy that makes very very cool design for yoyos and he ask me if i want to design my yoyo.So im not doing all the dyeing etc.i just need to give him a design like the BVM design and he’ll design it for me ;D…The best part is that it is under $10 ;D ;D ;D and it looks awesome…

Make it YYE themed :smiley: :smiley:


Oh ok I would do a checker board it would look cool spining and sitting still. Green and black with a few white squares mixed in.

I agree with Evan. A YYE theme on your yoyo would be really cool. But if was to decide some colours, I would go with orange and blue. And I would make some twirls in the design so it will look like the colours are blowing into eachother.

thanks guys…but i still need more idea and the YYE design thing i think will look great!! :wink:

White body.
Black rims.