For sale yyf, c3, yoyofficer, Duncan

(Gethin) #1

Adding a bunch of new items to the list, just trying to clear out my collection from throws I don’t play as often. Prices are all negotiable, and if you have any unique throws, preferably plastic or wood I will trade.

going from the top left corner I have a c3 teleport, gold with red acid wash with a few small nicks, looking for $25
a pair of new speedaholics, the clear one has one small mark and the red has two marks, looking for $20 for the pair or $12 each.
middle row: Wedge is sold!
the dv888 from the original post, no outer marks but one half’s inside is scuffed, unresponsive pads and bearing, looking for $15
shutter is sold!
aviator 2 is sold
green dogma, small nicks around the rim, looking for $20
clear protostar with red rings, no damages looking for $20
same turning point shake, clear with no marks, looking for $35
2 halves of a too hot, barely used, looking for $20 (just the halves)
yoyofficer pause, couple of marks around it, looking for $18
yoyofficer orbis, this one is beat, looking for $20
duncan metal drifter and metal racer, both are lightly played thought I’d also put these up here, $10 each
more pics available on request, many are yoyo’s I used to learn with, hopefully I can pass them on to newer players or people that will use them.

(Alexander) #2

I have a C3 Token I would like to trade for the horizon. It has the tiniest pinprick on the edge, but it doesn’t affect play. IMG_0117 IMG_0118

(Gethin) #3

Bump it up! Horizon is gone, still have shake, aviator 2, speedaholic, and dv888!

(Gethin) #4

bump happy Labor Day, or what’s left of it!

(Gethin) #5

bumping my post, added more throws and dropped some prices!

(Gethin) #6

Bumping my post

(Gethin) #7

bring up my post


Wanna sell just the yyf case? Don’t really have any need for the wedge

(Gethin) #9

for sure! Wanna pm me and we can work something out?

(Gethin) #10

Also shutter is sold!

(Gethin) #11

bumping my post, shutter is sold, aviator 2 price drop!

(Gethin) #12

bumping my post, aviator 2 is sold

(Gethin) #13

Bonk my post, teleport, dv888 and shake price drop!

(Gethin) #14

Bump wedge is sold!

(Gethin) #15

daily bump buy my stuff

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