S/T: c3 and YYF stuff


Hey guys!

Up for sale or trade are the following throws:

From top left to bottom right:
Yoyofactory Q4DRO
Yoyofactory DV888
C3yoyodesign Teleport (limited “ghoul anodized” edition, only 7 ever made!)
C3yoyodesign Level 6 (2014 Halloween Edition)
C3yoyodesign Gungnir

eventually C3yoyodesign Krown (not shown)

Of course I’ll give out some more Detailed pictures if requested. All throws are absolutely mint (except for the DV888 which has one ding). Also assuring you safe and insured shipping as I’m a very good rated contributor in the german B/S/T Facebook group.

All of the mentioned throws are 40$ SHIPPED. Special deal when you take three of them it’s 100$ shipped.

I’d prefer money via PayPal but I’m definately interested in trading - even multiples for the following stuff:

CLYW: any throw
Monkeyfinger: any throw
Yoyofactory: Shu-Ta, Space Cowboy, Turntable
iYoyo: Steel

Thank you for your attention!

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