✨ For Sale: Updated 7/22 💥 Static Co. Sudo, YYR FYFO, Polyform A4, CLYW Beater, FD Mod44, and more.🪀

For sale:

USA only. Prices are F&F and include shipping in the CONUS. No trades.

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I’m happy to take more photos upon request. Thanks for looking!

Static Co. Sudo - $155
Mint, aside from a few small pinpricks under the ano that were there when received brand new. Only displayed on a shelf, hasn’t been played. Includes box and string.

Polyform A4 - $58
Mint. Includes box, sticker, extra pads, and string.

Yoyorecreation FYFO - $115
Mint. No box.

CLYW Beater - $79
Mint. Includes box, sticker, pin, counterweight, and string.

G2 Lead Balloon proto. - $81
Brand new with packaging and string. Jake went as large on the yoyo as he could while keeping it in the “still a player” category. Lots of center weight to keep the lead balloon from sinking. 61.17mm by 47.76mm and 81g.

CLYW Avalanche - $89
Mint. Includes box, pin, string, and sticker.

Duncan x Danny FH1 (2022) - $75
Mint in package.

Freshly Dirty Mod44 - $38
B-grade. Freshly Dirty advised not to remove the rims because they are too tight, but it’s very cool as is.

OD ThruLine - $45
Mint. Includes box.

A-RT Triptych - $325
Mint. B-grade for small imperfections in turquoise paint. It has regular light A-RT vibe. Includes wood/paper packaging.

Atmos Pomodoro - $89
Mint. Brand new with box & string.

OD Still Rollin - $55
Mint. Includes box.

OD Panorama (rose colorway) - $57
Mint. Includes box and string.

Duncan FH1 AL - $33
Mint. Includes box.



Recess Firecracker (nickel) - SOLD
Mint (aside from expected nickel plated imperfections /patina). Comes set up unresponsive. Includes box, string, and responsive bearing.

Freshly Dirty VHS - SOLD
Mint. Includes package and string.

MK1 x TRT Bathysphere - SOLD
Mint. A-Grade Blue Ringed Octopus colorway. Includes packaging, string, and stickers.

Atmos Noah (Space Jam colorway) - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and brass ultralight SEs.

Freshly Dirty Orchid - SOLD
New in box. Comes stock with the D bearing setup. Includes purple C bearing kit.

YoYoFormula Phoenix SUS304 - SOLD
Full size (55mm) stainless steel yo-yo. Some vibe and raw marks, but no damage. Includes box.

G2 Pilgrim - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and string (it didn’t come with a pin)

Playmaxx Killer Bee - SOLD
NMTBS (There are small marks/imperfections like any other plastic yo-yo of this age). It has been displayed on a shelf for its entire life.

G2 Banshee ‘22 - $315 - - SOLD
Mint. Includes box, pin, and string.

G2 AL7 AfterLife - SOLD
Mint. Includes box, pin, and string.

Fools Gold for ano flaws and minor vibe. Includes box.

Atmos Noah (Celeste colorway) - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and brass ultralight SEs.

MK1 x TRT Bathysphere - SOLD
Mint. Includes packaging, string, and stickers.

G2 Ti Respawn - SOLD
Mint. Includes packaging, button, and string.

Atmos Abel - SOLD
Mint. Includes bag and box.

Doc Pop Cerakote Weekender - SOLD
Mint. UV reactive. Includes pouch.

CLYW OG Plastic Yeti - SOLD
Mint. Displayed on shelf. Includes box.

MK1 x Spinworthy RBC - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

CLYW Unknown Pickaxe - SOLD
Mint, aside from one very small pinprick that was present when purchased brand new. Includes box.

Dis Anima - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and string.

Static Co x Anti-Yo YWET - SOLD
Mint aside from tarnish and small copper plating imperfections common to the plating process. This has just been displayed on a shelf. Includes box.

G2 Banshee 22 - SOLD
Mint. Marked glitch, but I have no idea why.
Includes coozie.

One Drop Dingo - SOLD
NMTBS. Includes box.

OD T1 20/20 - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

*RSO Sushi * - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and all accessories.

At Design Lab ZeRo (54mm) - SOLD
Mint. Both halves are silver factory swapped. Includes pouch.

“Yes Absolutely” End Pt II - SOLD

Mint. (b-grade because the acid wash wasn’t “washy” enough). Includes bag.

Doc Pop PLTPS Lite - SOLD
Mint. (There are some little ano flaws near where the rims connect to the body, but it came that way.) Patreon exclusive. Lighter weight and tighter gap.

Luftverk 000 AND plastic 000 - SOLD
Mint (aside from a few normal raw marks).
Includes box, certificate, string, and gold bearing.

G2 Arbiter X - SOLD
Mint. Marked as a glitch, but as usual with G2 Jake’s strict quality control, I have no idea why. Includes coozie.

YYF Kommune - SOLD
Mint. Made in the USA. No box.

G2 Fenrir Proto - SOLD
Mint. Includes coozie.

Two Yo-yo Case (yo-yos NOT included :slight_smile: ) - SOLD
Handmade by a talented community member years ago. This one is brand new and has just been in storage.

Mint. Includes box.

Heaven Sent Creep - SOLD
NMTBS. Includes box and string.

Anti-Yo Heart Side Effects - SOLD

OutOfHand Limbo - SOLD
NMTBS. no box. Reversible D bearing yo-yo. Super unique and fun. Can play unresponsive in the wider gap set-up and responsive (especially if string is double or triple looped around the bearing) in the slim set-up. Very cool to be able to change shapes/play style on-the-fly.

G2 Herdsman (brass rings) - SOLD
Mint. Brand New. Unicorn Storm :unicorn: colorway. Includes box and string.

G2 Luna - SOLD $60
Mint. Bright pink with rainbow rings. Glitch for maybe super minor vibe. It seems fine to me though. Includes coozie and string.

G2 Mongoose - ** SOLD $75**
Mint. Includes box, pin, and string.

OD Free Solo - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

Motion Parallel - SOLD
Mint. “Hibiscus” colorway. Includes string and packaging.

OD Overture - SOLD $75
Mint. Unique Bead-blasted finish compared to One Drops usual pyramatte. Includes box.

DD 50-50 - SOLD
C-grade for significant (yet playable) vibe and a light scratch.

OD Rebirth - SOLD $85
Mint. Includes box.

Ti Vayder - SOLD
Mint (aside from normal raw marks). Includes box.

YWET Danny Edition (Recess x Wesley Cheng) - SOLD
Mint. First run Recess x Wesley Cheng powder-coated Danny YWET.

G2 AfterLife - SOLD $135
Mint. Includes box, sticker, pin, and string.

**Duncan FH1 (Nats edition) - SOLD
NMTBS. No box.

Duncan Freehand Mini - SOLD $60
Pre-production version only available at Nats 2023. Mint aside from raw marks on caps. No box.

Duncan delrin Freehand - SOLD $75
Mint. Includes box.

YYF Edgeless - SOLD
NMTBS. No box.

OD Wizard - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

G2 AfterLife (Unicorn Storm) - SOLD $125
Mint in box. Includes sticker, string, and pin.

OD cerakote Wizard (white) - SOLD $90
Mint in box. Unopened.

YoYoDrone LAUNCH - SOLD $35
Mint. Flying yoyo with a ten foot string. No packaging.

ZGRT Poly El Mijo (Zipline Editon) - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and all accessories.

OD Legendary Terrarian - SOLD ($65)
NQP for minor ano flaws. Includes box and string.

Dis Anima - $100 SOLD
Mint. Includes all packaging and string.

A-RT Garik - $60 SOLD
Mint. Includes wood/paper packaging.

*YYF 888.11 - SOLD
NMTBS. B-grade.
No box.

OD Cascade - SOLD
Mint. Deep Space colorway. Includes box.

One Drop Disk Side Effects - SOLD

G2 LLT - SOLD ($135)
Mint. Includes box, sticker, string, and pin.

Playmaxx Stunt Pilot w/ Barnstormer attachment - SOLD
Some marks and scuffs, but no damage. It has weight rings installed. Barnstormer spin top attachment on one half, normal propellor on the other half.
No box.

Basecamp Sherpa - SOLD $70
Mint. Set up unresponsive, but also includes half-spec bearing and 8mm axle to make it responsive. Includes package.

CLYW Beater - **SOLD ($78) **
Mint. Includes box, string, and pin.

Out of Hand Burner - SOLD ($65)
Mint. Awesome responsive A-bearing yo-yo. No Box.

DD Hybrid 50-50 - **SOLD ($50) **
Mint. Very cool hybrid.
Includes package.

OD Diorama - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

YYF 444 - SOLD
Mint. No box.

Mint. B-grade for spots in ano.
Includes string, pouch, sticker, and patch.

CLYW Metal Yeti - SOLD
Mint. Includes box, stickers, pin, and string.

Custom Reactor - SOLD
Rare aluminum fixed axle ! Hard to find version of the Custom Reactor from circa 1998. Uses a small wooden axle sleeve instead of a bearing. Set up with one Tom Kuhn Turbo Disc. Minor marks/pinpricks. No packaging.

Tom Kuhn No Jive 3-in-1 - SOLD
Mint. A classic. Only displayed on a shelf. No box.

Recess Little League - SOLD
Mint. It came with some ano spots. No box.

Doc Pop Weekender - SOLD
Mint. Includes bag.

Atmos Goji - SOLD
Mint. Oatmilk colorway. Includes bag, box, & string.

OD Fat Tire (OG) - SOLD
NMTBS. Includes box.

YoYoScientific Triple Point - SOLD
Mint. 7075 with a really unique shape. No box.

G2 AfterLife - SOLD
Mint in box. Includes string, pin, sticker.

YoYoJam Classic - SOLD
Mint. Limited edition pink. Only displayed on a shelf. These were originally sold responsive, but this one is set up unresponsive. No packaging.

OD Reboot - SOLD
Clear Reboot - brand new in box.

Static Co. Sudo - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

DD Monarch - SOLD
Mint. No box.

Duncan Butterfly AL (original) and World Edition Butterfly XT - SOLD
The Butterfly AL came with marks straight from Duncan. The Butterfly XT glows in the dark! Includes limited edition box.

Playmaxx ProYo Ace - SOLD
NMTBS, but I don’t see any marks. It has been displayed on a shelf for the past 23 years or so.
No packaging.

OD Panorama - ON HOLD

Mint (aside from one small pinprick that was already there when purchased new)
Includes box.

Toybania O-Ting - SOLD
NMTBS. Really cool organic with titanium rings and a fingerspin cup.
Light raw marks on the rings.
No box.

Thesis Serenade - SOLD
Mint. Cool delrin shape.
No box.

Lowkey Throws Woodland - SOLD
Mint. Super unique little slimline with real wood inlays. It is unresponsive, but I believe it can also accept a half-spec bearing. Includes box, stickers, and string.

Duncan Mayhem - SOLD
Mint. Machined by One Drop.
Includes box.

Mint. This is the Zipline Special Edition. Brand new and un-used.
Comes with package, pouch, and stickers.

Recess Snack - SOLD
Mint. No packaging.
Fun lil’ guy.

DD Kanto - SOLD
Mint. Never thrown because I have multiple Kantos. Includes package and string.

Playmaxx Roadsters -SOLD
Definite wear on these oversized, one piece fixies - but a cool collectors piece. The red with purple stripe was painted by Higby.

OD Gauntlet - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

OD + SF SK (nickel plated) - SOLD
NMTBS. Some spots in the blast where you can see shiny nickel. It came this way from SF.

Recess x Zeekio Quiz - SOLD
NMTBS. Super rad stainless steel yo-yo in a limited colorway. It’s set up unresponsive with a full size C bearing, but you can toss a half-spec in it as well. No packaging.

DD 50/50 - SOLD
Mint. Includes package and string.

YoYoFactory 2019 Skyline - SOLD
Mint. No box.

Nicky Rebound - SOLD
It’s just been displayed on a shelf.
It came with some marks in the nickel plating.

BBB Endeavor and Perspective Bundle - SOLD
Endeavor is - Mint. Copper plated. No box.
Perspective is - Mint. Includes packaging.

Auldey/Hasbro Metal Max Tornado - SOLD
NMTBS. Super crazy yo-yo! Similar to the YYF Nine Dragons, but better!

TRT Isthmus (proto) - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.
Such a great slimline, unresponsive design!

OD Deeper State - SOLD
Mint. Includes box.

Doc Pop Icarus - SOLD
NMTBS. Includes box and sticker.

Dressel Designs 50/50 - SOLD
Mint. 1 of 5 powder coated in this color.
This has only been displayed on a shelf because I have multiple 50/50s.
Includes package and string.

Sphere - SOLD
Came with small mark on rim.
Includes packaging and string.
Really cool capped delrin yo-yo!

DD Monarch - SOLD
NMTBS. It was marked b-grade for a lil vibe or a small ano spot, but seems super minor if that’s the case! No box.

Nickel Recess Joyride - SOLD
Some tarnish and a few nickel imperfections.
No box.

RSO Prelude The End Part II - SOLD
Mint. Includes pouch.

Nickel Plated Freehand AL (2013) - SOLD
Machined in Japan. Per the usual with nickel plating there are some marks and vibe.
No damage, however.
Includes box and counterweight.

Slappa - SOLD
Exact same condition as I received it from Jake.
Like he says on his website: “These are bead blasted, then plated with Nickel. They have already begun to form a natural, dark patina. This is the fun part of Nickel Plated yoyos. Do not expect a perfectly clean, silver collector’s piece. These will continue to patina more over time.”

Layer Infinity Kasm - SOLD
Mint. (although there are some imperfections that are to be expected with 3D printing). Incredible and unique 0A yo-yo! I have two, so this one has just been displayed on a shelf. Includes sticker and bag.

G2 “Hailstorm” AL7 Carbine - SOLD
Marked glitch, but I can’t tell why!
No box, but cozie is included.

yoyofriends Nucleon - SOLD
B-grade, but I can’t tell why.
Fantastic yo-yo, just not my shape preference.
Includes box, pads, stickers, string.

DD Mystery Gift - SOLD
NMTBS because it came with a few very tiny spots.
Really cool design with titanium rings!
Includes package and string.

*TRT Buoy! (Moonrock finish) * - SOLD
Mint. Includes box and accessories.

*OG Core Co Alley Cat (hardcoat finish) * - SOLD
NMTBS because of a few small imperfections common to hardcoat finishes. Black/olive halfswap. Sometimes looks a little gold in different lighting.
Nothing you can feel and it is barely noticeable. No box.

G2 AL7 Covenant - SOLD
Brand new in box. Never thrown.

DD Kanto - SOLD
NMTBS. Some light marks, typical on stainless rings. Entire run had ano flaws. Includes packaging. Unsure about letting this one go.

MK1 x Spinworthy RBC - SOLD
Mint. Only displayed on a shelf because I have a red one that I play.
Includes box, string and stickers.
(This run came with a white box. I have it, but I grabbed the wrong one for the photo)

NMTBS. Came with a small mark and a lil vibe. Includes packaging, stickers, and string.

Doc Pop Pop Art - SOLD
Mint. Includes pouch, sticker and counterweight.

OD Kraken - SOLD
NQP for ano under rims. Includes box.

TMBR This-A-Way - That-A-Way - SOLD
Mint. Includes deluxe packaging and string. This was the first white oak “This-A-Way - That-A-Way” that Colin made. It’s just been displayed on a shelf.

Recess Joyride - SOLD
Brand new lilac purple Recess Joyride.
Never opened.

Toybania Thicc - SOLD
NMTBS. Delrin responsive with titanium rims. Come stock with a half-spec bearing, but it also accepts a full size C bearing for unresponsive. No box.





Independent, Nomad and Day Tripper are sold.

Added more yo-yos.

Memento, Alley Cat 650b and Slim Dunk are sold.

Added YoYoJam bundle.

Confusion and Pip are sold.

YoYoJam bundle is sold


How much with shipping for the out of hand limbo?


Hey! Unfortunately, it is no longer available. Thanks for the interest.


Added ILYY E1NS, Hyper Loop ProYo II and Freehand Zero.

E1NS is sold.

Updated with LF post.


Added Daytona, Buster, Hyper Raider and Russell.

Daytona is sold.

Added B7 and Theodore.




Qubit is sold


Pm for Theodore


Theodore is sold.




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Updated listings and added more yo-yos.

Day Tripper is sold.

Glow ProYo II are sold


50/50 is sold.

YWETi MK II is sold


Added SF 36, Fallen Angel, 420, Kappa, Knack, Sliver, Saboteur and fixed axle bundle.
SF 36 and A-RT 420 are sold.
Kappa is sold.


Fixie bundle is sold.
Buster and Weekender are sold.


Added a bunch of new stuff.
Pickaxe is sold.


hi are the ditch and edgless still available?