FS Price Drops: YYR, CLYW, YYFr, OD, Others

I’m trying to fund for a project so I have a few lesser played throws for sale. All are NM unless otherwise stated. Prices are shipped CONUS only. Feel free to make offers and deals on bundles.

Yoyorecreation - Take any two YYR bimetals for $200

YYR Savage PRICE DROP $145 -->$115

9.5/10 smooth, I hit it against a box one time. I don’t think anything happened to it but it does have the faintest bit of fingernail vibe on the POM rims. Smooth everywhere else. No marks and plays great.

YYR Autoscopy $120

YYR Chopsticks Gorilla $110

YYR Pnir $45-->$40

Best plastic I’ve played for fingerspins. Letting this go as I got a different color.

Yoyofriends Take all 3 for $175

YYFr PRICE DROP Pheasant $100 -->$75

This has been well played but is still smooth with no marks.

YYFr Tankette $90-->$75

Monometal Pheasant $35

One Drop

"OD Wyvern Cerakote $80-->$70


MOWL Obsession + $120

C3 Hydrogen Crash $90 -->$80

El Mijo Poly $60--> $55

Comes with all the extras


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Price drops and new stuff added

This is a great chance to get a great price on the Parallel and the Tankette.
Both very unique and amazing throws for an excellent price. Free Bump!!

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Price drops and new throws added.

Did the parallel sell ?

Parallel is available.

Is it mint? Dinged?

New throws added, and price drops.