For sale thread:

Also for sale:  Silver w/ black version three speed dial, brand new in package.  Only thing is the dials don’t seem to turn.  I haven’t attempted to fix it for fear of breaking it, so it’s entirely possible that it could be fixed for someone that knows what they are doing.  $15 shipped.

Big yo, brand new in package, white: $10.

More for sale:

Undeniable DVD (brand new, still in plastic wrap): $5.

888x red, never been played with:  $65

Half green half red large bearing bassalope, brand new. ($70)

All red big ben w/ out caps.  Used.  $7.

Brand new big ben, half red half blue, with caps.  $10.

Metal case.  Looking for $40 plus shipping costs as it’s kind of bulky.  A few dents on it and a slightly
annoying latch on one side but overall in good condition.

Team Ed. Sasquatch, pm me with offer.

Worlds 07 ed. Shinwoo Phantom, brand new, missing one side of response but plays better without it: $7

Shoot me an e-mail at

New prices for SD’s and Big yo.

Still taking any offers for the two bassalopes.

Would you trade a Yomega Raider good condition for the Bigyo?

Not to jack your thread, but are you Sebastian Brock? Because you said that you obviously have enough of them. And your username is Sebby.

Yes he is.

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Yup, I’m Sebastian.

Pleased to meet you folks.

And sorry, but no trades Cream900, just looking for money.

Thanks guys,

Price changes.

pm me pics of the big yo

well apparently this dude doesn’t want to sell his yoyos that bad, he never responded ???

Sebastian is a busy guy, cut him some slack.

Sorry, was in Canada for their nats and didn’t have internet.

You just got a message back usanarchist.

edit: Also adding a couple yo-yo’s throughout the day as I find them. Look at the original post.

il take the phantom lmk if still avalible

Just shoot me a PM then if you want it.