For Sale Sasquatch, Albatross, Dietz, Spyy Addiction, Cascade


I have Caribou lodge sasquatch, One drop dietz and cascade, Spyy addiction, and a G-squared albatross for sale,I’m looking to sell all 5 for the price of $375 and ill throw in a pack of glow in the dark G-strings from I’d really like to sell as a group to someone. They are all id say near mint but they have been played with so have a few scratches. I will consider any reasonable offer on the lot. They are all great yoyo’s and that i would love to hang on to but moneys become tight and they need to go so i really appreciate you looking at my post and hope to hear from you soon


Still need cash? I’m interested in the addiction, if it’s still around all these years later


How do people even find these old posts?

Friendly reminder: Send the person a pm when wanting to talk to them about purchasing a yoyo :slight_smile:

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