For Sale - Round Two - 8 YoYos Remain

Only trades are what I have listed, in the exact color I have listed, not interested in anything else. Send me cash offers if you’d like, I haven’t kept up on resale on these. Everything from this week was shipped today (March 27), next time I can ship will be on Friday, April 3.

TRADES: Red Borealis 1, Green Grind Machine 2, Gold or Clear Sparrow, Gold Pickaxe, blasted Petri, Canary

Top Row
SF PLSTC Unknown Edition - mint with original box - no longer for sale
Prototype 2010 YYF California** - SOLD
One Drop Sugar Glider - brown, one minor ding on the rim - SOLD
CLYW Metal Yeti - grey, mint with box, pin and string - $45

2nd From Top
Square Wheels Missing Link - Super rare, unreleased fixed axle. Just resiliconed, super unique, plays like a bearing yoyo - $85
BC Cosmic Otter - One of Jason’s personal otter yoyos, has finish checking, and a few paint chips - $25
Duncan Spencer Berry Lego edition FH2 - SOLD
Tom Kuhn Starburst Mandala No Jive - used to belong to Ed. Has been played, but super smooth. Scuffs from “walking the dog” and other play marks - $40

3rd From Top
YYF 20008 Raw 888 - B grade, has scuffs as it’s raw, typical 888 vibe, great player - $65
YYF Paul Han Edition Shutter - NMTBS, no box - $40
SuperYo Renegade Infinite Illusions edition - SOLD
Hildy Brothers Whiskey Barrel Oak Currier - killer custom ordered Currier, made from the oak staves from an old whiskey barrel, near mint - $45

Bottom Row
Tom Kuhn Brush Daily - Anniversary edition from Tom’s dentist office, has a bearing, I believe this was a Redline No Jive, paint is checked - SOLD
Doc Pop Icarus B Grade - no engraving, b grade for anno in the cup, killer yoyo I just have too many that are similar that I’m more attached too - $50
CoreCo Alleycat 650b - alleycat edition, scuffed along the rims from walking the dog and being a daily player for awhile. Still plays great. - SOLD



Bunch gone, would like for it all to go. Send me some offers :blush:

Have you checked the Metal Yeti pads?

Yes I have. Would you want to check them too? :grin:


Opening post edited with everything sold. Again, feel free to make offers, even trades that aren’t listed, you never know. What I have listed are my only real wants right now, but I’m always up to hearing what you’ve got. I’m easy to work with, cash offers preferred but let me know :+1:

Added a couple extra trades.

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Next time I’ll be leaving the house will be Friday April 3rd, anything bought or traded will ship then. Sorry my printer just went kaput, so have to wait for the day I head to the office to ship.

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