*FOR SALE* One Drop, Sengoku, C3yoyodesign, Vosun, Duncan


For sale.
Still trying to thin out the collection, price includes shipping. All mint & vibe free unless stated:

Duncan Haymaker - Purple - $65
C3yoyodesign Fingerspin - Black - $75
Sengoku Masamini - Red - $49 (one flat spot & a couple of tiny dings, little bit of vibe)

Cheaper throws, only in multiples or with another throw:
Vosun Zebra - Clear - $15
Vosun Vanquish - Pink - $20
Aoda Littles - Raw - $20 (siliconed with CT bearing)


If you’re in the UK, knock $5 off the prices of the more expensive throws. Also, the condition of multiples/with another throw for the cheaper ones does not apply either.




2sickyoyos / Radical Seas Tempo + Auldey Fierce Beacon PENDING


Updated, great deals to be had on multiples too - saves shipping!


Kenshin SOLD

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