Various throws - One Drop, Yoyofficer, Duncan

Various throws for sale as Xmas approaches with a child on the way… Didn’t want it to come to this but alas here we are…

One Drop Top Deck - Blue - $75 (£55)
Yoyofficer Rave - Pink/Black Splash - $75 (£55)
Duncan Haymaker - Purple - $75 (£55)

All have been played, but no obvious dings or scuffs in any. If you want any further pics just ask. Postage is included in the price. Although buyer covers PayPal fees for non-F&F payments.

Pics available here:

If anyone needs it I could get a rep check on here too. Not been too active the last few months (due to said inbound child) but done a lot of buying/selling on here in the past.

Cheers peeps!

Grail SOLD
Masamini SOLD