For Sale :: Duncan 2009 National yo-yo contest FH-Z & Duncan Flying Panda! Cheap

Hello there everyone the yo-yo’s for sale are as follows::

Duncan 2009 National Yo-Yo contest FH-Zero  -
        This yo-yo was actually my 2nd yo-yo, though only so for about a week, I’ve played with this yoyo quite alot, however it has held up wonderfully and still play great! there are a few nicks on the rims but nothing major. There is a minor scratch on one of the side caps nothing damaged just a part of the logo on the side. The caps spin pretty freely on this yo-yo and do seem to make some noise, however i believe this to be normal because all 3 of my FH-Z’s were like that from the beggining so. This yo-yo will come with 2 100% cotton Black strings not attached and the original packaging. This is one of my favorite throws but i need to give something away.
      My asking price on this is $15 (price negotiable, of course.)

Duncan Flying Panda (blue) -
        This yo-yo is only a couple months old. It has some nicks on the rims nothing major, and the side caps things are a little scratched up and warped but that hasn’t affected play. Full Disclosure, I have only thrown this yo-yo about 9 times total. I had it for one day played it for about 10 minutes before i realized that i didn’t like off-string very much. :)  Still plays well. This yo-yo comes with 2 100% cotton Black strings, however the original packaging is unavailable so it will just come in a bag, sorry.
          My asking price for this yo-yo is $10(again price negotiable)

For all the pics go to

i hope i did that right i just put them on photobucket so if you have any problems viewing the pics and you are intrested email me!

To contact me for more info or if your interested in buying plz email me at::

P.S. Please be in the United States not including Alaska or Hawaii and i live in Texas so the closer you are the better but it really doesnt matter. Thanks all  :smiley:

Btw, that is a 2009 National Yoyo Contest, not worlds. ;D

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all fixed! thanks