For Sale: $130 CLYW Peak and the rest of my collection


No Trades.

Berenguell Peak- Satined rims and walls. Vibes like most second run Peaks. KK bearing. $130 obo

Avalanche- Reverse hulk smash. First run. Beat. Small vibe.

Sasquatch Clone- Had a machinist make it for me. Same specs as a Sasquatch. Plays like a Sasquatch. Small vibe. KK bearing. No dings.

OD 54- Prototype 54. Couple nicks. Dead smooth.

Duncan Freebird- A few scratches. Small Vibe. No bearing. Not looking to get much for it.

Plastics- $10 each with any order. (Loopers come as a pair)

Madhouse Collection- Really don’t want to sell any of these. If you want to make a serious offer, feel free to.



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