For Hvizier: A Very Special "Sky" walker

Heath say my ad for paint jobs and quickly snatched up 2 of the 3 spots to have custom Skywalkers.

So anyways one he wanted in CLYW OG painted Peak colors. The rest was kinda up in the air no pun intended. So we decided to do a Sky theme.

Anyways enough jibber jabber on with the Pics.

Looks cool! Good job.


I stripped it down, I told HEATH I know I can do better, and he has accepted my challenge…

So stay tuned, It has already begun, and it looks so sick now…

Right now base coat of the sky is on, and grass is done…

Clouds are back on went with more of a whispy cloud

That is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen. you are like the Bob Ross of yoyo’s… :smiley:

oh snap. thats beautiful. can you do my skywalker? lol