foot baggers and hacky sackers

How many kicks can you do 8)

Normally about 40 or so, but I do more tricks (butterflies and such) than just going for kick count.

Man I’ve all ways wanted to do it but I suck.

I’ll have to try doin’ it again.

Do you have any tips for learning the clipper stall?

I can do about six. It is way harder than it looks!

I can kick it once! ;D Not really, that was before I tried again recently, now I can get about 3-6 kicks. I still suck, but I improved, and I haven’t really practiced. I just tried when my friend brought a hacky sack to school.

Enough for a hacky circle.

heh… good question… it’s been a while.

14 years ago when I was in highschool… I hacked every day before school, lunch, after school, between classes, at home, everytime I had to wait for something, when my parents went shopping… I sat outside and hacked. It’s what I did.

I could consistently could get … whatever number I wanted I cleared a hundred many times.

but now… i’m certain I can do 21 cause I played 21 with my band mates a few weeks ago… went last… killed it and walked away.

I can barely do one. I’m not cooridinated with my feet.

common mistakes

too much power…


you have to keep your eyes on the ball …

My best was like 20 but I average 5-6 lol

My bud Andrew foot bagged before he started yoyoing. The only time I really footbag though is when I’m with him.

I make my own hacks! Fabric and sand! Sew em upp! The highest ive gone was 47. I lost my hack thi so i gotta make another. I will be doing a lot if hackin when i go to jail. I can run and hack too, not very far just anout 59 feet or so, allows me to get about 9 kicks in.

How many panels? I just make a 12 panel.

Been kicking my Dragonfly Eclipse 32 metal. Love it.

I just use a sandmaster. Record now is 27. I really wanna get more into it, with use of more stalls, proper technique, etc.

I can do toe, knee, inside, outside, inside stalls, and toe stalls.

Yeah that’s all I can do too lol. I wanna learn that one called Fairy? I think it is. you spin around the footbag while it’s in the air and kick it with your opposite foot.

Oooohh, I don’t really know, but I’ll be at NATS so we should start a circle haha

Yeah! I should be there. I don’t know for sure yet though.

I’ll be there with my Eclipse 32!