Fools gold

How often does clyw have fools gold on their website?

email chris he will probably give you a good idea.
If I made a guess at it I would say every time they do a run of yoyos.

I’d say maybe a few times a year… If you have an Instagram they always announce stuff on there.

Almost every run has a fools gold batch.
But he doesn’t sell them unless he has:

  1. Time
  2. Engravings done

Every couple months; he announces on both Facebook and Instagram (usually).

According to my paypal, this past year:
Last week, Glacier express
August 23, Puffin and Bvm2
April 24, Chief, Arctic circle, Puffin and Cliff
MArch 5, Ill Vibes Avalanche

And that’s when I started buying fg from chris

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