Food-relating yo-yo discussions

(NotATyrant) #1

Does anyone know how to make a yo-yo cupcake? Please leave comments or ideas!


is a yoyo cookie good enough?

(NotATyrant) #3

Um…I don’t know. I’m passing them out for my homecoming election. So, IDK


If you don’t know how to make them, good luck passing them you.

Maybe do them yoyo-themed:

“Vote for me, I won’t string you along”

Yeah, that should do the trick.

(NotATyrant) #5

I already have my slogan" Tiereney Ulmer is the ULtimate choice for homecoming court". Since 95% of the school knows I yo-yo, I thought making yo-yo cupcakes would do instead of passing out Bumblebees with that on there.


In all my restaurant experience, I’m surprised I haven’t thought of that. I do have a suggestion though. You can take cake mix and turn them into something like cookies. Then depending on the cake, make some sort of cream cheese filling between them with a Twizzler wrapping around it to resemble a string.


You could do them all by hand. Might be a lot of carving, but you would get good at it eventually.

(NotATyrant) #8

Great idea! i was thinking of taking the tops off the cupcakes and taking white frosting and keep going in the middle to make it look like string.


Cupcake? Oh, my bad.
I thought you were talking about the Crucial’s new yoyo, Cupcake.