Cool Cake!

(DarkPirate) #1

My super awesome wife made this amazing cake for me on my birthday this last Wednesday. Not only did it look awesome it tasted amazing! Enjoy


Sweet cake man! ;D


That’s awesome.


That is really cool. Post it in the stick it contest.


That’s really cool.

You should post that into the Stick-it contests thread. It doesn’t have the sticker on it, but it does have the logo, which should be acceptable.

(DarkPirate) #6

I put it in the sticker contest :slight_smile: Also that is actually a YYE sticker it just has a frosting frame.


Awesome cake! Looks awesome!

Did you eat it all by now?


How long does it sleep for? Is it good for 5a?


YYJ Big Yo 3.0.


I sure hope that Cake is totally unresponsive.

You wouldn’t want that coming ‘back up’ unexpectedly.

Best cake ever…




CAKE!!! Yoyo! Does it go up and down?


Eh, depends if he’s eaten it yet. If he did, yes, of course it will go up and down.

Wow! That’s an amazing cake! I have to make my mom do that! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s awesome! Your wife has some serious skill in cakes. ;D


Did you eat the sticker?


That is a great gift. That was really nice of her to take the time to create.


Is it all cake? Or is the bottom half re-enforced with something?


What did she make the string out of?



Dude, why would you eat that? The second a piece of that went it to your mouth it’d come right back up! Unless its unresponsive,… Lol I wish I could have a cake that! What yoyo did she base the cake off of? I’m guessing a Butterfly.

(DarkPirate) #20

its cake all the way through but it has some wooden chopsticks in the middle to keep it all together. The string was made with frosting. Each half is two layers. One layer was made in a pie pan and the second was made with a regular 9inch round pan. She shaved the 9inch to match the angle of the pie pan cake and then frosted it together.

Its not really modeled after a particular yoyo but we decided afterwards that the shape looked kind of like the Token so that’s why its in the picture.

Oh, and fortunately nobody was able to get it to come back up :wink: