Flying Squirrel


Does someone here try to throw a Flying Squirrel with a stock bearing?
What is the spin time?

(Marvin.D) #2

i got 1min and 6 sec

(jared) #3

i can do lader escape with mine but its all your throw


You must be able to do it fast. A Flying Squirrel with LE? I couldn’t do it for my life with a FS.

(jared) #5

if u play with ur squrill and break in the bearing it a realyy good yoyo


I’ve had squirrels with over 3 minute spin times. You just have to break in the stock bearing.


About how long does it take to break in the stock bearing, typically?

(jared) #8

its how long u play with it maybe 2 days r 2 weeks


I love Squirrels.

The spin depends o yourthrow, but Yoshi told me he could get one to sleep for 4 minutes.

I can almost finish Ladder Escape…2 times.


Wow, four minutes, that’s incredible!
I can only get mine to 1:02.


He has a heck of a throw.

9 minutes on a small bearing Hectic!



(marcusWsteadman) #13

never tried the flying scuirel relly want one now and there cheap.


They’re a very good pocket yoyo.
Wanna go to Subway and get a footlong, but yoyo at the same time, pop this in Squizzle in your pocket and your ready set. :smiley: