Flowable Silicone

I been tired of having to replace my o-rings every other week and i was wondering if flowable silicone would be good/compatible with my YYJ PHENOMizm and YYF Starlite


Silicone is fine for any yoyo with a recess groove. A shallow one may just rip out easier, but its possible.

do i have to remove the bearing and axles to put it in?

is the groove deep enough?

Both, yes. Do you have to take out the axles and the bearings, I would, but you don’t have to.

if you dont take them out youll end up silconing the bearing. bad idea.

my spacer on my starlite is connected to the bearing and don’t know how to take it out :-\

a couple ways to do it. if you can’t take it out with your fingers you can:

  1. Bearing removal tool or 1/4" drill bit (the back end). stick it in the hole, and rock it back and forth until the bearing comes free.
  2. Plyers. Again, rock it back and forth until the bearing comes free

one last thing… I couldn’t find the brand on BillyBob’s at the car store and was wondering whether permatex flowable silicone windshield and glass sealer(clear) would get it done the same if not better

any windshield/window repair silicone should work. The stuff they sell at the 99 cent store is what I use. looks like this. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31bnKcdnMeL.SL500_AA300.jpg
comes in clear, black, red, and I think blue.

no need to remove the axle.

How the heck much do you yoyo that you need to replace them that often? I have a YYJ journey that has the same o-rings as the phenomizm and I haven’t replace them in 2 years.

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id don’t remember putting Billybobs…
I siliconed my starlite and its really responsive… does that mean i have to clean it?

will this work if both the spacers are attached?

jhb did that

the billybob thing? how?

He’s a moderator. We get extra work/privileges like that.

I siliconed my Raptor recently with flowable, and it turned out semi-responsive. There is no sili in the bearing groove and the bearing is clean. Is this normal?

yeah, just break it in.
when you siliconed it did you use a card to get rid of excess?
Not sure where I saw it, but someone said to use a spoon, so there’s like a concave… thing in the silicone.

I siliconed my phenomizm yesterday and when it dried today, it played like a dream. too bad i can’t say the same about my starlite… how can you remove silicone from a bearing without any bearing cleaner or lube?