flowable silicone in the bearing seat

I accidentally got flowable silicone in my psg’s bearing seat and was wondering how to get it out

Use a little Pin, or get some Mineral Spirits on a cotton swap and rub it off.

Is it dried or wet? I just let it dry then put the bearing on and throw it. It makes it responsive but the bearing will rip it out and clean the silicone from the bearing seat.

its been dry for a while now and it still is responsive

Well, the silicone should be gone. Take the bearing out and check. The bearing will probably need to be cleaned to because the silicone it ripped is probably stuck in the breathing.

And every fresh Siliconed yoyo needs a break in time.

I say clean the bearing, lube it slightly and keep throwing until its good :).

If the silicone is dry, use a toothpick to scrape it out. You don’t want that in your bearing.

Bearing responsive? De-shield and clean it and blow it out and that should resolve this issue. RE-shielding is optional, but I prefer to re-shield.

DO NOT put the bearing in and play it until you’re removed all silicone. You might want a bright light to help you see that you got it all out.