Flowable silicone on Kicksides?

Does flowable silicone work as a response on YYJ Kicksides?

Yes, although you will only be able to silicone the o-ring half unless you get the starburst side recessed.

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Great! I have a two sides with the O-ring. Diferent colors though…

Another question. Can flowable silicone be used in a YYF Counterattack?


Basically any yoyo with pad response/o ring can be resiliconed, but it depends on the silicone you’re going to use. Some silicone are sticky and it can be used on literally anything silicone grooves. But some others peeled out easily that it’s horrible (and also dangerous) to be used on steeper grooves, as it could unpredictably jam your yoyo.

Two different halves is amazing. Why do you think General yo does it? And Anti-Yo?

I have a half green, half red dual o-ring Kickside with silicone in the grooves, and the thing rocks!!! I find that two colors keep you from getting disoriented with the spin direction on gyro flops and bad regens; I don’t see any downside unless you don’t like how it looks. I think you’re in for some fun.