Flowable silicone 888

Whenever i use flowable silicone on my 888, I always give it a long time to dry (30-40 hours), but it usually always comes out within a week. I used the flowable silicone that is sold on yoyonation. When I used silicone pads in the 888, they stayed in much longer than just a week. So i’m wondering why the flowable is coming out so quickly. ???

You’re probably not siliconing it good enough. Provide us pics so we can help more. :wink:

Pics of the silicone when its still in the 888?


I had a sili job in my 888 stay for almost 3 months, post pictures please

I took some pics, but how do you put them on the post?

Can anybody tell me how to put pics up here?

Upload them to a site (Such as Imageshack) and post the link here.

  1. Go to Imageshack.com
  2. Click “Browse” on the select pictures button.
  3. Select the pictures
  4. Hit “Start Upload”

When it is done, copy the link and paste it on a post.

photo Url in here










Ok, I finally got some pictures up. They are pretty bad, but hopefully they help.

Look on the bottom of the groove, there might be a little but of a pad or something down there.

I’m pretty sure that there is no part of a pad down there. But could it really make that big of a difference?