Flow Run "Glitched"

This is the third Flow Run of the year. A Flow Run is where I take all of my hobbies and smash them into one performance piece.
This episode “Glitched” I used various skilltoys while beatboxing and producing a song on the fly.

I broke two YoSticks making this video. The reason for the title is because at the very end where I usually reverse the order of toys the music started glitching out. Bonus points if you can guess exactly what happened!

Toys Used:

Chatter Ring / Gyro Ring / Jitter Ring
Devil Sticks / Contact Sticks / Flower Sticks

Gear Used:

NI Maschine
Korg Kaoss Pad 3
Akai MPD18
Alesis Mixer

Check out another take here:

http://www.FreeFloToys.com (Toy Store)
http://www.CizreK.com (Website)

Music Created By Me: