Flow Run "Genesis" ( Bailsong / Pill / Monkey Knuckles / Poi / Astrojax / Tri )

This is the first Flow Run video of the year. A Flow Run is where I take all of my favorite things and smash them into one video.

The idea is to create a song using my gear and beatboxing while juggling various skill toys in between the songs production.

This month was Dark Drum and Bass using the Toys.

Butterfly Knife / Bailsong
The Pill / Capsule Kendama
Monkey Knuckles

Gear Used:
NI Maschine
Korg Kaoss Pad 3
Akai MPD18

I hope this inspires you, these are not easy to make.

Here is a take that just did not cut it for me:

http://www.FreeFloToys.com (Toy Store)
http://www.CizreK.com (Website)

Music Created By Me:

Los Angeles Beatbox:
California Beatbox:
States Of Beatbox:


All music and sound was created by my mouth and my synths.

cizrek…how have you been, been awhile :slight_smile:

over the years, the name cizrek has always meant originality, creativity and talent to me. nothin’ has changed :slight_smile: enjoyed that video immensely - good stuff.



Wow! Thank you for your kind words. Means alot to me.

I have been pretty good. I moved out to California and have been here since 2010. Trying to take my arts and passions to that next level. Recently I have been trying to figure out a way to connect with my audience. If you have any suggestions let me know because I want to make videos for the people who follow me. A new free floating video is needed. Several people have asked for it.