Flow Run - October 2014 ( Pill, Bailsong, 3 Ball, YoYo, Astrojax, Tri-Thology )

I love juggling. So much thru-out my entire life I have made it a goal to learn all juggling toys.
I also love beatboxing and making music.

These Flow Run videos are a way for me to combine all of that into one piece of art.

Check it out.

  • CizreK

That was actually really cool! That is awesome that you are so good at so many skill toys!

Really cool to see someone do so many skill toys!
Thank you for posting this, I wish I could do more :slight_smile:

It’s hard to make astrojax look good but you definitely did.
And those poi tricks were really cool.

Fantastic video. Not only good with skill toys but with live music creation!

Thanks you guys!

I will be making more of these for 2015 for sure.