Floutek Official News

Floutek is a yoyo brand from the Czech Republic. Currently we are making new run of Sumec, our latest yoyo.

Watch “Birth of Sumec” showing how Sumec is made.
The first part is called CNC lathe.

Machine turns aluminum rod into finished piece in 8 minutes. We use dual spindle CNC lathe. No human help is needed which means better part consistency than in two step process using two individual lathes. Every piece goes through weight and size inspection right after being produced to ensure the best precision.

For more info about Floutek visit https://www.facebook.com/FLOUTEKyoyo http://floutek.eu

it doesn’t look that bad and some of the players are good.

I like it! I’ll be sure to try and pick one up.

Floutek updates! From now news and updates from Floutek world every month!

I like this pouch! How can I get one??

I will try to get them to Yoyoexpert. But it is to soon to tell. Production is quite slow right now. They are in stock at Slusny but it is a european shop. So be patient.

New Floutek Update!

Floutek Updates 3 - Why I don’t make yoyos in China?

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I’m quite keen to get my hands on one of your yoyos, as long as you make one nice and light and organic.

Filip Kruba went to England and made a video with a NEW PROTOTYPE Kapybara!

New yoyo boxes, Kapybara update - Floutek Updates 004