New arrivals from Floutek - The KAPYBARA and Elastic Pouch restock!


Floutek is a company based in the Czech Republic with a very hands on approach to yoyo design. This is their first release, made 100% in house - The Kapybara!

Creating a yoyo in house is a great advantage when it comes to designing, prototyping, and testing. It can be redesigned as many times as needed to meet high standards and desired feel without having to wait on shipping or manufacturers.

The Kapybara was created with a goal of attaining the same stable and powerful feel as the Sumec, Floutek’s first release, but machined from Delrin! It weighs in at 66.75g, making it slightly calmer in play, but not enough to stop you from performing faster tricks. The heavier weight give the Kapybara great spin power and stability in play even through off plane tricks and speed combos. It has an excellent profile for grinds and a cup that lends nicely to fingerspins and pull starts. Only 18 pieces of this special release were made worldwide!

Releasing Wednesday 6/30 @ 8PM EDT.

Elastic Pouch:

These unique elastic pouches protect from Floutek are unlike any yo-yo yolder or pouch on the market. They stretch to fit any standard sized yo-yo, they are made from a durable material, and they have a secure clip that prevents swinging and dangling like many standard holders.


I haven’t seen floutek in almost 10 years. They were originally known as Hany for anyone else that used to throw back then.

@YoYoExpertGarrett can you see if they have any relation to these guys?ý-yoyo-286365667932/posts/


Neat bags!

They had a nickel plated yoyo released here maybe 4 years ago?