i think thats actually just a slack trapeze

no it looks like he flicks it or something because he doesnt whip the string that much… it looks like it kind of just goes

that too

guys its not fake. he flicks the string with his thumb and goes into a slack trapeze, its a different version of slack trapeze

You have to be kidding me, you really think this kid spent tons of time, edditing a video to do a trick that is super easy?

1.y would i spend so much time editing it making it look real when i dont even get that much views anyway.
2. how could i even make it fake

cool trick! i saw brett grimes do it a few weeks ago on you tube.dont sweat the yoyo expert haters they have nothing better to do.keep throwing , have fun

what the helll? yall are all asses…first off how could he fake it? really? how? second the kid posts a video of him doing a trick and you find something to argue about…i’m not saying it was an amazing groundbreaking trick but still…tone down the hate


i loved the part where you just came straight out with the truth :smiley: