Fixed Axle February 2014 - WINNERS!

Hello everyone

Here are the official results for FAF 2014.  Although there weren’t very many entries - the competition was EXTREMELY tight, and we had a very hard time picking the winner.

Brace yourselves for some of the coolest yoyo videos you have ever seen:

1st place
1st prize and FAF 2014 champion of the entire world goes to Craig:

FAF2014: Pain & Gain - A Fixed Axle Tale…

2nd place
2nd place goes to Logi:

FAF 2014: DIY Yoyo Making

3rd place

3rd place goes to Van Zyl:

FAF 2014: fixdance

There you have it folks!  There were also a few spot prizes:

Congrats to Joah for winning the Cutest Kids in a Video Award. He wins an all expenses powder coat job from

FAF 2014: Regenerate

Greg wins the prize for Best use of a Green Screen by a Canadian Award, and wins a $25 YYE voucher:

FAF 2014: Greg’s Green Gimmicks

Matt wins the Best Use of a Barbie Doll Award, and also gets a $25 YYE voucher:

FAF 2014-My Strange Addiction Yoyos

Jaime also wins a couple of FAF 2014 commemorative yoyos for displaying the best tricks:

FAF 2014: Snow Day

Wow… All of these are so good. If it were up to me Logi would have won though. His video was the most entertaining IMO.

The barbie one scared me… I’m never yoyoing again… Maybe just 1 more time.

Great job, everybody. If it were up to me, I would have won… just sayin’… HAHAH! Juuuust kidding, though I’d like to think I was at least in the running for 3rd. :wink:

Logi definitely has an amazing sense of filmmaking, and had good equipment to back up his vision, making for a really compelling video. I enjoyed it for sure. Too bad the sneaky plastic didn’t work out, that would’ve been awesome!

I’m super-happy to see Craig winning… the sheer effort that went into that video is astonishing. It could’ve been a TOUCH shorter IMO but it was well deserving of the win.

In the battle of gimmick videos (vs. filmmaking!), I guess mine just didn’t stack up to Vanzyl’s in the judges’ eyes. :wink: His was a fun video for sure. Mine was pretty fun, too. Learned a hard lesson about lighting up my green screen better; too many shadows fought me at every step of the way.

If I’m being totally honest… the only one of these (including my own) that I can see watching several times (I mean SEVERAL… they’re all worthy of a few more viewings!) is actually Jamie’s. I want to steal some of those tricks. And filming outdoors made for some clear, easy-to-follow video of some awesome playing.

Thanks for the contest, Frank and Waylon! And for judging, Jake!

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Wow… All of these are so good. If it were up to me Logi would have won though. His video was the most entertaining IMO.


That’s crococorey!!

Greg, the sad thing is, is the plastic is now as hard as rock. :frowning: I guess next year…

I AM SO HAPPY THAT I GOT SECOND. This will be the longest wait of my life…

The battle for 1st was super tight - some judges had Craig first, some Logi. When we averaged out the final scores - there was a 1 point difference (out of 100) between 1st and 2nd :slight_smile:

Holy moly!


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Thank you for the entry, it was a treat to watch!

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