Fixed Axle February 2014, Sponsors!! (updated 21 February. 2014)

Hello everyone!

So far we have about a dozen sponsors who have all contributed something exciting for you to win…

We have decided to do something a little different this year - as the various prize packages come in from the sponsors, we’ll be doing a little unboxing video for you :slight_smile:

You can find the contest rules in the thread below:

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OD is on board and have very kindly sponsored a Benchmark O and some signed trading cards!

One Drop has always been known for innovation - the Benchmark series is no different. Read all about it here:

Ooh boy!

US Astrojax has sponsored:

V-Max Astrojax (with docking station +DVD)
BC Yoyo - Spitfire
BC Yoyo - Blackbird
Sticker sheets

Yes.  You read correctly.  2x BC Yoyos, V-Max Astrojax.  And a bunch of stickers!

Tom Kuhn. Tom friggin’ Kuhn…!
20x packaging peanuts, apparently :slight_smile:

Hoo boy!

Hehehee… just kidding! Tom Kuhn, revised prize package!

2x BC Lightning
2x Optic Star

Now these are certainly worth playing for!!!

G2 Quake!!

Yoyoexpert: 2x $25 gift certificates.

Big Yoyo String!!!

2x packs of Sweetmeat (you know you want it:) + assorted counterweights.

Hoo hah!

Active People have certainly stepped on board!

We have…

1x Astrojax MX Pop
1x Astrojax MX Sport
1x Flexgap yoyo (includes trick disc)
3x Astrojax trick discs, vol.1 & 2, with hi-res trick breakdowns
1x Astrojax trick disc with patches

Check it out:

King Yo Star: K!T

This all new return top from King Yo Star is exactly what you need to push your play style to the next level. Designed in Canada for the competitive player, this throw is perfect for any style.

This is YoyoSpin’s second time sponsoring Fixed Axle February. If you haven’t seen it already - Ed’s work is absolutely stunning!!

Ed has kindly sponsored 3x handmande, handturned pieces of pure yoyo art… These are true collectors’ pieces!

Epic Strings - handmade yoyo strings! We have 3x sample packs :slight_smile:

Digital Strands String Co.

So exciting to see yoyo players turn their passion and hobby into business, supplying product to us :wink:

We have received handmade string to give away!

Once Upon a Tree & Sweets VooDama Doll…

1x Treehugger (Beechwood)
1x Pocket Love (Rosewood & Mahogany)
1x Just for Fun (Purpleheart wood)
1x Sweets VooDama Doll

Exceptionally well crafted, handmade yoyos (and doll!).

You absolutely need to check this out:

That is killer! Might enter just to test my luck~ Whoever places is going to be happy!

Too bad sponsors can’t enter, or else I would. So many great prizes!

Yes you can!

The only people expressly forbidden from entering are the three judges: Jake Elliot, Waylon and myself.

Yay! Double lacerations here I come!

Oooh mama!

Radical Seas, radical seas…

2x stickers
1x “Set Sail” T-shirt
1x fixed axle yoyo (take-apart design)
1x Kendama

Oh boy, it just keeps getting better!

A BIG “thank you” to YYF for sponsoring 24x commemorative fixed axle yoyos!