Fixed Axle February 2014, Sponsors!! (updated 21 February. 2014)

So glad to see companies trying to push the boundaries of fixed axle design.

Here’s your chance to win a Missing Link - plastic yoyo, steel fixed axle, silicone response. I can’t wait!

Here’s a chance to win some Jackrabbits courtesy of Unknown Yoyo Strings.

If you haven’t yet tried Unknown, you really should. Super consistent, quality string.

Check it out:,58591.0.html

Jackrabbits are soooooo gooooood! Exciting stuff from Square Wheels, too!

Annnnnd…  Your very last sponsor for FAF 2014:

WIN a free custom powder coat job from the one and only mullicabob:,45016.0.html

Exciting news and more prizes from one of our sponsors!! Details soon…

Are any of the promotional yoyo’s available for sale?

If you contact Waylon, he’s not selling them – he’s giving them away! However, there are too many for him to absorb the cost of shipping so he only asks that you transfer the postage money and the yoyo is yours. :smiley:

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