FIXED AXLE CHALLENGE: rrrrooouuuunnnndddd fffiiiivvvveee

If you’ve been able to thread the needle so far, I’ve gotta say I’m impressed. The tricks have become harder, and we’ve gone from 39 competitors to 15. Despite noble efforts, your compatriots are gradually falling off as the train builds momentum, bringing you ever closer to that flighty temptress, GLORY.

For Round 5, we’re going Old School.

The big difference between new school and old school is that the former seeks to make yo-yoing look epic and bewilderingly difficult, while the latter seeks to make it seem simple and easy (especially when it isn’t). These past few years, some of my friends and I have tried to push fixed axle in new places. I’ve used the phrase “modern fixed axle” to describe where we’ve tried to take it, as if it’s distinct or somehow better than what players have done with them for the last 80 years. It’s not. Old school is the true school, and fixed axle will always be tied to its philosophy, or so I hope.

Round 5’s trick is meant as a high five to the REAL old school players. Dale Myrberg, for example, can hit this every time (probably blindfolded). I learned it this way from Larry Sayco in his Rhode Island workshop. He could even punch it into someone else’s pocket standing in front of him. And he was 80 at the time. Surely, you’re up to this.

Throw 2 somersaults of Split the Atom (using the same Taffy-Puller entry shown), perform an inside loop out, then punch-regen the other way, between the legs, and straight into your freehand-side pocket. Take it out and Snap-Start it to show you’re ready for Round 6! … You guys can Snap-Start, right?  :wink:

A few quick notes:
a. No touching your pocket or stuffing it with something to make it more open. You’ll notice I turn mine out to show it’s empty when I take out the yo-yo. This trick is ALL about precision and accuracy.
b. The yo-yo must disappear within your pocket completely (and without you doing anything to obscure it or jostle it). Until you start taking it out, it should be entirely enclosed within your pocket.
c. You must do a proper Split the Atom (just like Andre’s version on this site) with both index fingers inside the loop on the somersaults, as opposed to outside like Braintwister. Might seem obvious, but I’ve seen a ton of players do that.
d. SNAP-START IS NO LONGER NECESSARY. TRICK ENDS WITH BANK DEPOSIT… however a snap-start trick WILL be coming up in future rounds.

Post your vids below by 7pm EST on Saturday, 5/9
And that’s it. Toss your hipster jeans in the wash, put on your big boy pants, and make this look easy!

Holy dang!
If I may ask, should I do snap start like the video, or any snap start will do?

Ed, you just went Super-Saiyan on this contest. Almost a little relieved that I don’t have the extreme pressure of trying to pull this thing off. I am going to attempt it, if I video I’ll be sure to post.

But…wow. I’m Cheering on from here on out. Let’s do this Berto and Logi!

I don’t really do fixed axle, but this makes me wanna try at least the pocket part out later. That looks fun.

i dont even…

The hardest part is the rocket pocket… or the snap start if I had to do it exactly like that…


Do we need to snap start straight back to the hand, or is it acceptable to do like a half-wind and then throw a quick loop like at 1:12 in this video:

Snap-start right back to the hand. I don’t care if you hold the extra string like I do. That’s just a habit.

Thanks for the clarification - time to get to work!

I’ve been trying to figure those snap starts out and can only get them to half-wind at best. Any tips for those?

Do em EXTRA snappy.

Now I have to go buy a new pair of pants. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Soooo we can stick anything IN our pants right?
How about ON our pants?

HAHAHAHAHAHA I need to attempt this.


All I can say is I’m scared.
First off, I am stuck with my butterfly. Doesn’t sound all that bad? Lets just say I hope it can keep from flying apart.

Second, I don’t do snapstarts.


Anyone who lands this has my respect! I’m going hardcore to the end, don’t get me wrong, but this might be the end of the journey for me.

Off to find the biggest pockets I can. And that Klutz yoyo book that has a tutorial for that ending.

I wear skinny jeans…


After careful consideration, I have decided to take out the Snap-Start requirement. You may end the trick with the Bank Deposit.


Be advised that a Snap-Start based trick is ABSOLUTELY coming up in the next few rounds. So you might want to get that dialed.



Better not for this round ;D

HAHA I was looking through the BST and someone said “Looking for new parts”

I read that as “looking for new pants.”