Well, I had counted on letting their thumbs heal, but I guess if our last 2 are in a hurry, I have to bring it back to Snap-Starts.

Snap-Start to Archery Flip, Windshield Wiper regen to outside loop out.

Still due 5/23, this time by 10:30p EST. Please do show it clearly so we can see all the loops on the correct digits. No wiggling allowed looking for loops. Hit it clean.

Archery flip tutorial?

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Drew Tetz I think.

I just don’t understand how to wrap the string around my fingers…

drew shows the fingers clearly at 1:23 in this video. i’m just doing it in a snap-start.

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Ahhhhhh I got it now.

Can I wiggle before the flip?

That feeling when you miss the regen :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’( :’(

I think I MIGHT have this trick.

lol geez man, have you been practicing since he posted? :o

I gotta take a break till tomorrow afternoon. Nice!

I’m going to bed as well.
Only problem is no slo-mo tomorrow cause my dad is taking his phone… Oh well.
I also now have a blood blister on my middle finger…

as much as i was pissed about being knocked out on spirit bomb damn guys that’s all i have to say, good luck.

Someone, do you use a classic optic star or a butterfly one?

Butterfly all day.

I have an optic* but I’d like to put in a dead friction sticker to make it loop nicely.

*classic I meant

I think ed is having fun with this round… I mean really… An archery flip?

Apparently Logi landed one already. If that’s the case this could be it lol, for me to land it on camera would make my whole Friday really frustrating, and I don’t want the contest to turn into that.

Ima just give it 30 mins every now and then and see what happens, enjoying it all the while.

uh. they hit my last 2 in about an hour each.
i’ve had fun with every round.

Wow… Just wow…

You two are insane… Two challenges knocked out in one day…

My trips are over and in that time you all knocked 5 challenges… My respect goes to my bros in the Fab Five.

Adam & Jamie, these two kids are fixed axle savants. Much respect.

Oh, and you both got this 13 easy!

Ed, you make it look so easy. I have yet to figure out how to stall constantly.
That said I am sure both Someone and Logi will get it done right.
BTW did I miss 11 and 12?