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The squid laughs.

I have been getting allot of feedback calling this spam, its actually not. haha
Its an experimental writing of my perspective of politics.
Which is (in my view) big words meant to confuse and manipulate individuals into doing what somebody else wants.
No spam here.
Just sayin, haha

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At first glance, it seems you’re missing either nouns or verbs. Or both.

We all know this isn’t spam

Spam: A canned meat product, ussaully consisting of pork

Fish: Fish

THere completely differant, unless the spam is made from fish

^^^ Win

The Concept of this being a spam thread is tangentially derivative simplistically settled in ignorant observation in a mannerism (You know I’m just not good with words, but I thought in reading this thread that you could make a really good politician with that kind of vocabulary.)

lol, I couldn’t make out anything. :stuck_out_tongue: Hey, I’m not calling it spam though.