First Woody

All right what was your first wooden yoyo. (if you have owned a wood yoyo that is)

Tom Kuhn Red Line for me

Man I had an oooold duncan woody but I’m not sure of the name. I was young and my grandfather gave it to me.

this thread gets a lol.
my first wood yo-yo of any significance was this tom kuhn no jive 3-in-1.

This is a remake of the original but I did own the original when I was younger. I’m still sad that I no longer have the original but this will have to do.

two drawer knobs i threw together at the youth center work bench

i was wondering do wooden yoyos play well?

At first I was like what? and then i was like oh… and finally i was like lol.

I believe my first was an old Duncan Beginner model, from the 60’s or so. I’ve collected yoyo’s for a long time, and wooden yoyo’s are my favorites. I probably have 100 different kinds. My first higher end wooden was a Roller Woody, which I actually used as the design for my first tattoo. Most woods play like crap, in the modern play sense, but I like old school play as well, and some of them play pretty well.

You Tell me ;D


I liked mine, but that might have been because it was my first online yoyo.

I had a cool one my step-dad picked up on one of his travels. It had a checkered pattern on the side. I’ve been looking all over for and can’t find it. Probably in one of my crates in storage…

hay ed i put cats in my vids too.  and this also gave me a lol.

the answer to your question of “do wooden yoyos play well?”

i would answer yes 1 out of 1000 times.  the one yes is to ed.  if you are not ed, than no

LOL. There you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

i believe the great play was mostly if not ALL because of the thrower not because of the yoyo

yeah i guess they play well to who ever likes wooden axles.  and all i know of is ed.